5. August 2019

DGQ revises statistic trainings: the focus turns to Data Analytics

In order to entirely prepare quality experts for the current challenges in the area of Data Analytics in production and service, the DGQ is now revising its statistic trainings. Christina Eibert and Michael Sturm from the DGQ product management team answer the most important questions concerning the revised courses. Why has the DGQ revised the statistic trainings? The ability to analyse and process big data smartly is becoming increasingly important in times of the digital transformation. Statistical methods and models build the basis for gaining valid insights. In order to ensure that employees can also deal with the current challenges in the area of Data Analytics in production and service, the DGQ has revised and expanded its statistic trainings. What is so special about the new training concept? The content of the statistic trainings has been updated and the focus has been shifted towards Data Analytics. For example, new […]

4. July 2019

News from standardization: Joint Technical Coordination Group takes position on the High Level Structure

ISO's Joint Technical Coordination Group (JTCG), which sets the criteria for the Management System Standards (MSS), has published a new communiqué on its work on Annex L of ISO/IEC Directives Part 1, 2019 Edition. Annex L defines the terminology, consistency and High Level Structure (HLS) of the ISO/IEC portfolio of Management System Standards. The JTCG Task Force 14 (TF14) has the task of carrying out a small revision of Annex L. The central theme of the TF14 is the area of ​​risk with the resulting possibilities and the question of standardization/of the according Heterogeneity of the concept of risk in the ISO/IEC Management System Standards. Download the […]

4. July 2019

The Sino-German Quality Forum sheds light on the quality culture in Germany and China

How is the German culture surrounding quality different from China? What are the differences, what are the challenges facing the two nations, and what opportunities are there? What influence does an organisation’s quality culture have on product and management quality? And what contribution does the quality culture make to competitiveness? The German Association for Quality and the Shanghai Association for Quality will get to the bottom of these questions on 27 November 2019 – at the annual Sino-German Quality Forum in Frankfurt am Main, which takes place on the day before the DGQ Quality Day in the House of Logistics & Mobility (HOLM). Participants in the free event can expect interesting lectures and practical examples that shed light on what the players in both economies can learn from each other. Together with Chinese entrepreneurs, the event will consider trends, opportunities and challenges in the relationship between “Made in Germany […]

28. June 2019

ISO/TC 176 Launches Own Public Website

With the introduction of its own website, the Technical Committee 176 (TC 176) bundled a lot of information and made it available online. The subcommittee 2 „Quality systems“ of TC 176 has published the company Vision and Mission. This increases the transparency of standardization engagement for all target groups of the different standards. The lifecycles of the individual standardization projects are now available as well. The Technical Committee 176 of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) develops standards and guidelines in the areas of quality management and quality assurance, such as the ISO 9001: 2015 standard. For more information, please click […]

27. June 2019

First joint customer day of ENCONAcademy and DGQ in South Africa

The DGQ is continuously expanding its engagement in South Africa. For three years, the DGQ has been cooperating with the further education provider ENCONAcademy. In 2018, both partners decided to expand cooperation because of strategic discussions. The focus will be on trainings in the field of quality assurance and on further various topics in the field of the automotive supply chain. In February 2019, the first quality assurance licence training in the production environment including examination for the DGQ specialist quality control in South Africa took place. Now the cooperation reached another milestone. The partners organized a customer day on June 12, 2019 in the South African city Port Elizabeth. The aim of this event was to introduce the common training concept and the service portfolio of both DGQ and ENCONAcademy to South African companies from the automotive sector Around 100 participants accepted the invitation from DGQ and ENCONAcademy […]

17. June 2019

South African DGQ Licence Partner Runs First Quality Assurance Training

Yet another milestone is reached in the cooperation between the DGQ and the ENCON Academy. For the first time, the DGQ’s licence partner has run the training “Quality Assurance in the Production Environment – Basics”. Sigrun Steiner, the DGQ trainer, held the training in English, which took place in the South-African coastal city Port Elizabeth from February 25th until March 1st, 2019. A particularly pleasant development is that the training was fully booked. Thirteen participants out of the 17 qualified for the “DGQ Quality Inspection Operator”, the English counterpart to the “DGQ Specialist Quality Assurance” diploma. Attendees rated the training topics, feasibility, and the participant-oriented transfer of knowledge as well as practical simulations as a learning method consistently with a ‘very good’. After the successful international start of this licence training, DGQ and Encona want to further expand their collaboration and extent the program to include management-system related topics […]

19. November 2018

EFQM Forum 2018

This year’s EFQM Forum mainly focuses on visionary management strategies Within this year’s EFQM Forum, which was held in the Vienna Hofburg on October 18th, the focus was on management strategies and on how the management can best engage the talents of employees. The exclusive event took place in the context of the Austrian EU Council presidency. Quality Austria, a leading Austrian company for Integrated Management Systems, as well as the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), a partner organisation of the German Association for Quality (DGQ), were hosting the exclusive event. This year’s motto was „Symphony of Excellence“, while according to the EFQM model the term „Excellence“ is referring to outstanding standards of corporate leadership. Infineon Austria wins the EFQM Global Excellence Award Another scope of the EFQM Forum is the presentation of the EFQM Global Excellence Award, which is known as the most recognized award in the […]

16. October 2018

Sino-German Quality Forum makes quality in the digital era a subject of discussion

  On 26th and 27th September the Sino-German Quality Forum took place again – it was like building a bridge between German and Chinese quality experts. After the symposium had been carried out under the leadership of the DGQ in Stuttgart last year, in 2018 Shanghai was next again. This time board member Dr. Ümit Ertürk represented the DGQ at this event organised by the Shanghai Association for Quality. About 200 participants took part in this year’s Sino-German Quality Forum. Two different main topics were stated. On the first day the topic was „Quality in the digital era“. On 27th  September the lectures were mainly about „Quality and innovation“. On the first day Dr. Ertürk gave a lecture on the topic „Quality in the digital era: impact on life and industry in Germany“. He made it clear that digitization creates disruptive business models and shortens product as well as […]

21. September 2018

EOQ Annual Report available

The European Organization for Quality (EOQ) is an autonomous, non-profit making association under Belgian law. In the field of international cooperation one focus of the DGQ activities is the support of the strategic development of the EOQ. Now the organization has published its annual report 2017. It contains information about the activities and cooperations of the EOQ. Furthermore, it is giving a good overview of EOQ's projects in 2017. Click here to view the EOQ Annual […]

14. September 2018

Impressions of the EOQ Congress 2018

The 62. EOQ Congress was held in Paris on 21st and 22nd of July 2018. Several hundred participants attended the annual European meeting point of the high-class experts. It was organised by the EOQ member France Qualité (AFQP) and serves as a platform for the exchange of subjects, ideas, opinions as well as for networking all around the topics quality and management. As a central networking platform the congress is supported by all EOQ partners. The DGQ was represented by general manager Claudia Welker and Thomas Votsmeier. Thomas Votsmeier read a paper to the subject "EOQ engagement in conformity assessment, accreditation and personnel certification business" in his function as a manager of the EOQ Technical Working Group. Beside the exchange of subjects and positions, the congress is also a frame for exploring cooperation – in Europe as well as internationally. Famous representatives of the high-class organisations from America, China […]

17. August 2018

Networked production has to become a strategy, cyber security a matter of quality

Networked system environments, autonomous production, and intelligent machines – production plants develop into safety-critical digital complexes. In the era 4.0 digital networking is a factor contributing to the competitiveness and economic growth of companies. This can only be promising when networked structures and procedures are at best protected against attacks from cyber space. The implementation of contemporary security and quality management concepts as well as industrial and IT security have to be considered holistically. From the perspective of the DGQ (German Society for Quality) this requires an even more active merger of politics, industry, science and society: Jointly we have to increase cyber security in the business location Germany, fix it as factor for quality and define standards. Security as factor for quality: The DGQ joins the alliance for cyber security The DGQ has pursued the digitisation of the industry for some time. For this reason it is a […]

27. June 2018

EFQM Forum 2018: Symphony of Excellence

You do not play a symphony alone – you need an orchestra… …a conductor, musicians, instruments and a melody. Excellent managers enable the solo artists to display their talent in the best possible way to create a perfect harmony together with the orchestra and the choir. Good leadership and excellent cooperation are in the focus. Get to know when and how your organisation is recognised as an attractive employer Companies striving to become a strong brand as employers (Employer Branding) need an attractive corporate culture, the necessary agility to adapt to changes very fast, distinct know-how regarding digitisation as well as the promotion of autonomy and independent work. This helps you to attract the best talents. At this year’s EFQM forum on the 18th and 19th of October in Vienna you will learn from experts and excellent organisations. Use the networking activities and find out how to develop and manage […]

20. April 2018

EU Commission promotes trainings in Japan for managers from the EU

Japan is the mother country of many innovative production methods. In September there is a thrilling chance for managers from production companies within the EU. From the 10th to the 14th of September they can take part in a training programme of the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation with the EU supported by the EU commission. The non-profit-organisation is a partner project between the European Commission and the Japanese government. In the five-day training programme titled „World Class Manufacturing“ (WCM) the participants get a deeper insight into Japanese production methods. The training has taken place two times in a year for 25 years and includes lectures, courses and visits to companies. Interested persons may apply at the EU-Japan Centre from now on. Further information regarding the training programme and conditions of participation you will find on […]

15. February 2017

Manifesto for agile quality management

The classical quality management has originated and matured in phases when companies were clearly stable or were held for it. It does not give consideration to the agile organisations operating today. This is injurious because quality management loses its acceptance and effectiveness. This can also lead to product quality deficits. We need an agile quality management! Learn more about the Manifesto for agile quality […]