17. June 2019

South African DGQ Licence Partner Runs First Quality Assurance Training

Yet another milestone is reached in the cooperation between the DGQ and the ENCON Academy. For the first time, the DGQ’s licence partner has run the training “Quality Assurance in the Production Environment – Basics”. Sigrun Steiner, the DGQ trainer, held the training in English, which took place in the South-African coastal city Port Elizabeth from February 25th until March 1st, 2019. A particularly pleasant development is that the training was fully booked. Thirteen participants out of the 17 qualified for the “DGQ Quality Inspection Operator”, the English counterpart to the “DGQ Specialist Quality Assurance” diploma. Attendees rated the training topics, feasibility, and the participant-oriented transfer of knowledge as well as practical simulations as a learning method consistently with a ‘very good’.

After the successful international start of this licence training, DGQ and Encona want to further expand their collaboration and extent the program to include management-system related topics such as environmental and energy management, workplace safety, and Audit.

The next corporate event has already been planned. On June 12th, the first DGQ Encona Customer Day has taken place in Port Elizabeth. The aim of this event was to introduce the common training concept and the service portfolio of both DGQ and Encona to South African companies mainly from the supplier sector.