Onsite training

Building up and developing the competencies of specialists and managers in a future-oriented way.

The onsite trainings offered by the DGQ support companies in building up and developing the competencies of specialists and managers in a future-oriented way. They benefit from trainers and experts with practical experience, tailor-made contents and a professional all-in service. For the DGQ the employees of its customers are in the focus – whenever and wherever they need the DGQ.

This offer is also available in English and includes the following:

  • Diverse topics and holistic approaches
  • Innovative concepts and training methods
  • Excellent trainers from all sectors
  • Tailor-made all-in service
  • Professional procedure – beginning with the requirements specification up to the realisation

Five good reasons for a DGQ onsite training

  • Diverse: The DGQ Weiterbildung adapts the training to the specific customer needs – and builds upon the experience from about 600 performed in-house trainings per year.
  • Focussed: We concentrate on the point – and keep an eye on the smooth transfer of the theory into the work routine.
  • Practice-oriented: We aim the contents to the daily challenges of your employees. First-class trainers and experts tackle the company situation and the role of the learner in the training and support practicable solutions.
  • Holistic: We convince you with a professional all-in service for the organisation of your trainings – from the idea, through the implementation up to the realisation in your company.
  • Qualified: We guarantee a high quality of the trainers, which we ensure by a strict selection procedure and a continuous further development of our experts. Only the best will start for you.

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