About us

German Association for Quality (DGQ)

The German Association for Quality (DGQ) is your competent partner for quality, business excellence and quality management in Germany.

The DGQ (German Association for Quality) is the national, centralised society for quality in Germany. The DGQ acts primarily as a first port of call and as a presenter and mediator for quality issues. The umbrella organisation is a registered association comprising a unique network of experts. With 750 professional members, around 5,650 individual members and 63 regional groups and 10 expert groups, the DGQ acts as a platform for sharing experiences and provides further training.

By entering into dialogue with top decision makers from politics and industry, this non-profit organisation provides ongoing input for developing central economic success factors – quality management, quality assurance and management systems. It benefits consistently from the expertise of its large network. The DGQ supports companies and organisations in implementing (quality) management systems for sustainable organisational success.

The FQS Forschungsgemeinschaft e.V. (FQS Research Association) collaborates with more than 20 research centres across Germany to supervise national and international research projects, from the initial idea through to completion.

Originally founded in 1952 as the “Committee for Technical Statistics in the Committee for Economic Production” the DGQ has been active for 65 years.
It was renamed in 1972 and has been legally independent ever since. The DGQ owns a share in the DQS Holding GmbH, the trusted certification and assessment partner for quality-focused companies around the world. This subsidiary company was founded in 1985.

The DGQ Weiterbildung GmbH provides more than 1,200 trainings per year

Another of the DGQ’s core competencies focuses on training courses, offered by the DGQ Weiterbildung GmbH (DGQ Further Training GmbH). As a 100% subsidiary of the DGQ, this company organises open courses, seminars and workshops, as well as numerous onsite training courses. It also licenses other agencies. In this manner, around 15,000 professionals and managers attend some 1,200 events on quality, environment, work safety and occupational health management and many more topics.

The DGQ maintains a network of around 300 highly specialised experts to conduct its training courses. These coaches have considerable management expertise, and present the material in an interactive and vibrant manner by using modern training methods and didactics.

The DGQ Weiterbildung GmbH qualifies industrial professionals and managers, service providers, public services, service industry and private individuals. The training courses are based on solid theory and comprehensive methodical expertise in the field of management systems.

Accredited and internationally accepted certification body for persons

As an accredited certification body for quality management personnel and officers, the DGQ is respected and accepted both nationally and internationally. Certification and examinations reflect actual market demands. Together with the European Organization for Quality (EOQ) and the International Personnel Certification Association (IPC), the DGQ is involved in the development of internationally coordinated certification programmes.

The DQS GmbH (German Society for the Certification of Management Systems) and the DAkkS (German Accreditation Body) have confirmed that the certification process and the quality management system of the certification body for persons fulfil the ISO 17024 and ISO 9001 requirements. Every year the DGQ awards more than 8000 individual certificates.

Numerous international activities

As a full member in the EOQ, the DGQ is part of the European quality organisations network and is engaged in international standardisation activities primarily at ISO and CASCO. The DGQ is involved in many different committees for standardisation work and conformity assessment. It also cooperates with many national and international partners.

In addition, as a member and national partner organisation of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), the DGQ promotes the EFQM Excellence Model management philosophy for strengthening and developing companies and organisations on the global market. The DGQ Weiterbildung GmbH also provides different international trainings, for example in South Africa and China.