Community and membership

An important part of the DGQ mission is the design, expansion and strengthening of networks. The point is always offering a platform to people who are interested in quality.

Quality management and quality assurance are the connecting elements of the network. As cross-sectional issues, they affect people with different demands, challenges and interests. The DGQ continuously develops new formats for networks to open up the possibility of informing about as well as participating and engaging in the topic quality to many different target groups. Thus, the DGQ is unique in Germany.

The high degree of networking between the particular sectors, committees and offers by the DGQ results in various impulses and practical results. All members, customers and partners benefit from this.

Also important for members: With its 63 regional groups, the DGQ is present for the specialist audience on a nationwide basis. In ten expert groups it offers its members the possibility of working together on quality issues. There are four branch offices as contact points in case of questions. The DGQ also offers its members more advantages as, for example, standardisation work and webinars on key topics, workshops or welcome days for new members.

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