4. July 2019

The Sino-German Quality Forum sheds light on the quality culture in Germany and China

How is the German culture surrounding quality different from China? What are the differences, what are the challenges facing the two nations, and what opportunities are there? What influence does an organisation’s quality culture have on product and management quality? And what contribution does the quality culture make to competitiveness? The German Association for Quality and the Shanghai Association for Quality will get to the bottom of these questions on 27 November 2019 – at the annual Sino-German Quality Forum in Frankfurt am Main, which takes place on the day before the DGQ Quality Day in the House of Logistics & Mobility (HOLM).

Participants in the free event can expect interesting lectures and practical examples that shed light on what the players in both economies can learn from each other. Together with Chinese entrepreneurs, the event will consider trends, opportunities and challenges in the relationship between “Made in Germany” and “Made in China”. This gives participants the chance to get a nuanced picture of the situation and to make interesting contacts.

The event is aimed at decision-makers and quality managers from companies of all industries and sizes who are already established in China or are still seeking access to the country. Register for the event