10. July 2020

IPC releases specification on performing online examinations

IPC, the International Personnel Certification Association, released the new specification IPC-BD-20-001 titled “IPC Specification on Performing Online Examinations”.

Online examination systems are becoming increasingly popular and necessary. Many educational institutes, examination centers and certification bodies of persons are replacing the traditional examination methods by online testing technologies.

This specification was developed by IPC partialy at the suggestion of Thomas Votsmeier, DGQ Head of International Cooperation as DGQ’s representative on the IPC board. The DGQ supports nationally and internationally the creation of guidelines that promote a uniform and appropriate handling of certification and accreditation rules.

The IPC Specification on Performing Online Examinations has been developed to address the essential elements that should be considered during the development of any online examination application.

It aims to provide the base for the use of a secure, reliable and sustainable evaluation tool utilized during online examinations. This specification can be used for standalone online examination or for online examinations performed as a part of the process of certification of persons. The International Personnel Certification Association (IPC), is a non-profit organization, located at California, USA, established in 1995, under the name International Auditor and Training Certification Association (IATCA). IPC is the global association of personnel certification bodies and training providers, member of IAF (International Accreditation Forum). Through its membership IPC represents more than 80,000 certified professionals operating on more than 84 countries, all over the world.

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