27. June 2019

First joint customer day of ENCONAcademy and DGQ in South Africa

The DGQ is continuously expanding its engagement in South Africa. For three years, the DGQ has been cooperating with the further education provider ENCONAcademy. In 2018, both partners decided to expand cooperation because of strategic discussions. The focus will be on trainings in the field of quality assurance and on further various topics in the field of the automotive supply chain. In February 2019, the first quality assurance licence training in the production environment including examination for the DGQ specialist quality control in South Africa took place.

Now the cooperation reached another milestone. The partners organized a customer day on June 12, 2019 in the South African city Port Elizabeth. The aim of this event was to introduce the common training concept and the service portfolio of both DGQ and ENCONAcademy to South African companies from the automotive sector

Around 100 participants accepted the invitation from DGQ and ENCONAcademy. This great response can serve as an indicator for the growing need for further education including quality-related topics in South Africa. Representing the DGQ Claudia Welker, Chief Executive Officer, and Andreas Heinz, Head of Product Management have attended the event.

Claudia Welker and Grant Lamprecht, General Manager of Encona for South Africa, opened the event by outlining the objectives of the strategic partnership as well as the planned joint activities. Claudia Welker continued with a company presentation and provided an overview of the international network of the central German quality society. Afterwards, she talked about the new requirements that Industry 4.0 places on quality management. It also became clear that the DGQ pursues current trends and developments that can affect quality management in order to develop solutions early on. After the lunch break, Andreas Heinz explained some qualitative aspects of the DGQ product development as well as selected training products and the didactic concept of the DGQ. In addition, he presented the colaboration with the DGQ personal certification and its organizational structure

Both partners want to expand their cooperation in the future. They are planning, that the ENCONAcademy will offer under license further training courses of the DGQ on management systems, quality assurance and auditing. The feedback of the participants was consistently positive and shows, that the companies are already looking forward to the extended offer in this area.