Global survey: Does ISO 9001 need to be revised?

ISO/TC 176 is currently examining whether ISO 9001:2015 needs to be revised. Therefore the committee decided in November 2019 to draft a global survey. This will require input from those who have experience with QM systems. The survey should collect ideas, suggestions and positions for the next revision of the standard.

On the German side, the DIN Committee NA 147-00-01-AA accompanied the creation and translation of the survey. Thomas Votsmeier, Head of Standardization of the German Society for Quality and Chairman of NA 147-00-01-AA, advocated that the decision procedure on a revision of ISO 9001 and the definition of the relevant contents should be based on a broad information base.

The survey aims at this:

  • To provide data on the value to organizations of implementing a quality management system (QMS) in accordance with the requirements of the current 2015 edition of ISO 9001,
  • to collect data on the advantages and disadvantages of such a QMS, and
  • how, from the user’s point of view, it can be ensured that this standard remains relevant in the future.

A key question of the survey is about the future of ISO 9001 itself: Should it be left “as is” for the next five-year period, revised or supplemented by standards with either extended or reduced requirements?

Further information can be found on the ISO/TC176/SC02 website:

The survey is open for participation until December 2020.

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